Thursday, 15 January 2009

Thursday - Just

Woah, nearly missed this one, I ended falling asleep this evening as I had a splitting headache, luckily the snooze and watching an episode of CSI has sorted it, but now its late and I really should be heading for bed.

I took much pleasure in ticking all of today's tasks of my list, Yay! All that needs doing is to buy some, higher than tesco value, printer paper (great for kids, not for paperwork) and 2 A4 frames so that I can mount the Swarovski crystal & pearl samples I have.

I even managed to squeeze in a hair appointment today, I've gone from having past shoulder length to a layered jawline bob with fringe. I also had my highlights done so I'm feeling all flouncy and bouncy with my new hair !

Right, im off to bed....... roll on tomorrow.

1 comment:

Laura said...

Woo - your hair sounds swish! Looking forward to seeing it.

Hope all goes well tomorrow!

L x