Friday, 16 January 2009

Fridays Child is....

.....Soo tired, and slightly off course !!

Today I was supposed to have a run through of my display, except I spent all day running around doing silly little things that shouldn't of taken as long as they did. Remember I needed some printer paper ? Well would you believe that i went to 4 big shops and all of the had "just run out" someone obviously has a fetish for paper and decided to beat me to every shop and buy it all. Luckily I was able to borrow some from a friend and get all my printing done. Hubby's just finished folding them all into booklets (thanks hun xx)

I also made up my crystal and pearl sample stands this afternoon, it was a bit of a pain but so worth it in the end. As you can see they've turned out pretty cool, i know they will look great on my stall.

Talking of stalls, I have this vision in my head that I cant seem to shift about how its going to look. I want to make it look like a dressing table with a big mirror and a jewellery box and other dressing table stuff and then position the jewellery around the table. I really wish id been able to give it a go today, as if it doesn't work ill end up resorting to my normal stand which isn't very wedding like.

I also have to pack all my kit up and tidy up this bomb of a house. I'm sad to say i haven't lifted a finger round the house this week and its starting to stress me out. I know it will get done next week when its all over with, but I find it so difficult to work in a mess.

Well I havent finished yet, so I had better get to. Hope you have a great weekend.

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Rey Ybarra said...

Great colors. Nice blog too.