Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Change in Course

Work is going well on the Bridal jewellery I mentioned the other day, and I managed to snap this arty studio shot yesterday before I had a quick tidy.

Right, today I want to ask you about something..............Deviation.

I normally begin my creation process by sketching out a few ideas and then taking them in to shed, I could have various different ideas but obviously ill start off with something. I then find that as I'm creating lots of different ideas start popping into my head on how it would be good to do this or that or to even change my original idea altogether.

Now this can obviously be a good thing on occasions, but sometimes its down right frustrating as I can end up not even creating the original idea. I also find myself thinking if I only had xyz skills that I could do this, and this, or that and it always seems to happen when I have deadline !

Now is this something that many of you find you do, does it help the creative process or hinder it ? If you do find yourself deviating how do you deal with it ?

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