Monday, 12 January 2009

The countdown begins......

This is the week that I turn will turn into a complete mess getting ready for the Bridal exhibition on Sunday. I always find it funny that I stress out about it so much as I've know about it as far back as October, but as it was so far in the distance and life got in the way its been pushed further and further back until I am now here contemplating building a time or cloning machine to help me get things sorted.
So today, during the midst of a power cut I gathered all the jumblings in my head and started to put them on to paper to create a Day by Day To Do list for this week- and looking at it now I feel better already.

So, here's what I have to do :

Tuesday -

Finish off final pieces of jewellery, I have a few necklaces that need clasps and a few pendants that need polishing and tumbling.

Wednesday -

Photograph Jewellery (this is one i always forget to do in the run up to a show and I will always sell the things i haven't taken pictures of) Start pricing up the new pieces and give them appropriate names and numbers.

Thursday -

Type up and print out order forms, t&c stuff, make up Crystal and Pearl charts for colour matching jewellery.

Friday -

Run thought display as it will be different to my normal one, this will give me time to pick up any last minute props or last minute "ohh i know what will look good" changes.
Pick up leaflets from the printers.
Pack up - I'm working the bread and butter job on Saturday so need to be ready before hand.

So, unless Ive missed out anything blaring obvious I think that's everything, it actually feels quite nice to have my week mapped out for me. Maybe its something I need to do more regularly.

Ill try and update during the week and keep you updated with my progress ha !

The picture above is the front of my new leaflet that ill be handing out on Sunday.


Jo said...

Your new leaflet looks beautiful Nicky!

Tina said...

Nicky...I am well impressed so organised and your leaflet is stunning really eye catching...I hope all goes ok on Saturday..and that you sell EVERYTHINGx