Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Breaking with tradition

I wasn't going to post today, mainly because I didn't want to do the "end of the year" thing. New Years eve is not normally a big thing in our house. Hubby and I might get some nibbles in and watch a film, then watch the fireworks on the telly and comment on how "next year we really should do something". It not a great (or cheap) time to try and find a babysitter so staying in for us is just the easy way out.

Buuttttt ......... this year we've been invited out - with kids - so were taking the bull by the horns and venturing out, yay!

Normally I would of spent today tidying up the house and getting it all sorted for the 1st, but instead my Dad came over and knocked a hole in a wall so I can vent my new tumble dryer as my other broke on Boxing Day.

Unfortunately we didn't have one of those super dooper core drill that just cut a big circle out of the wall so we had to do it by drilling various holes and then chisel away at the brick - it only took 4 hours ! Aghh, and the dust is everywhere. But at least its done now - thanks Dad !

Right id better go and get this dust cleaned up before we go, I hope you have a great time what ever you are doing and will see you in the new year !

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