Monday, 29 December 2008

And relax..................

......So how was it for you ? Ive quite enjoyed the past few days of nothing-ness playing with a few of my new toys and baking cakes and biscuits for me and the kids.

But alas its not to last long as tomorrow I must start back working again. In 3 weeks ill be attending my first event of next year and I'm insanely not ready for it. It will be my first wedding fair where I intend to launch my range of made to order jewellery.

I've been to quite a few, eyeing them out and seeing how it all works and there are virtually no one selling jewellery apart from tiaras and the like. So either that's a really good thing for me and I will be filling a void or it's a no go and I'll find out the hard way.

I was going to upload a picture of the cufflinks I made my Dad for Christmas but just realised I left my camera round my parents house..... agh !


Ali P said...

Good luck with the Wedding Fair Nicky, it sounds like you've fone your research, so hopefully you'll have a great day - looking forward to seeing how it all goes ;)

Nicky Ryan said...

Thanks Ali, im keeping my fingers crossed. Ill let you all know how it goes - good or bad lol.