Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Holidays Are Coming

Last night I was told off and it made me feel bad, you know, the way you feel bad when your a kid getting told off for not doing your homework. Only this time I'm 29 and I was being told off for having not written my blog in over six weeks.

I could list out a load of excuses, It was my birthday, Ive been really busy with shows and jewellery parties and making sure the shops have enough stock, its nearly Christmas and I'm "cough" getting ready for it (I still have to wrap !) , but I suppose when it comes down to it, I'm just still a naughty girl who didn't do her blogging. Oops.

So above is pretty much in a nutshell as to what Ive been doing, I wont bother going into it all now as it was ages ago and I'm sure you all have much more important things to be doing, or are you all good and ready for Christmas?

This evening Ive been out in the studio, for the first time in what seems like ages, to make my Dads Christmas present. I'll post a picture of them after i have given them to him.

I remember a conversation that I had with Laura about the same time last year, about how we were all going to be organised and ready for the big day by the beginning of November - Pah, I did all my shopping in one day, last week. I had to, it was the last day that I wouldn't have either of the children with me and you mums will agree with me that you just don't take kids shopping if you can help it.

It was a bit manic, I don't do crowds very well but I got it all done and I was rather chuffed as I bagged a few bits just for me, including (and Tina i know this will make you happy) - a new pair of boots !.

Right well that's enough waffle for tonight, I doubt ill be back before Christmas so have a great one and a fabby New Year !


Jo said...

Okay, now I feel guilty! I didn't mean to tell you off, it's just that despite talking to you several times a week (sometiems several times a day!) I still like reading your blog! Just nosey I guess.... I mean, have you seen the length of the list of blogs I follow?!

Nicky Ryan said...

Hehe, your alright it was the kick up the bum i needed !