Tuesday, 22 July 2008

At last !

This photo taking is becoming a bit of a joke, I finally managed to get outside this afternoon, took loads of pictures but to be honest only 2 of them are worth showing, the rest are all earrings and could i get them to photo properly ? No grrrr.

So until I work out how to get a good shot they will stay unseen which is a really shame as they were made for the green and pink colour challenge, which has now finished. I managed to get ZERO in on time, its a bit like being back at school

Now this is the photo I've been waiting to show you, some will know exactly what it is, but for those who don't its the symbol for the Star Wars Rebel Alliance. I wont try and explain it further than that as to be honest I'm more of a Star Trek fan lol.

It was commissioned by a very, very, very, big Star Wars fan...........Can you guess who ?

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