Sunday, 20 July 2008

Why no piccys ??....... umm i have a new iPhone.

Yep, that's why there are still no pictures, on Sunday i decided to get up early and head down the the local Apple store to try my luck at getting the new iPhone3G. And it worked, i was first in the queue (well actually I WAS the queue from 9-10.30) until the shop opened at 11am. At 11.30am I left the shop swinging my gorgeous solid square bag with my new phone inside.

Now I'm not normally a techno freak who needs the latest phone, i mean my old phone was my mums old phone that i just put my sim card into, I could make calls and send texts that's all i needed to do, but i was looking for a better pay as you go tariff when hubby suggested i might want an iPhone, "Don't be silly" i said to him what would i want an iPhone for, that was until i watched the demo presentation on the Apple website and realised that not only was it amazing, it might just help me stay organised.

It integrates with my Outlook calendar, which is where i "organise" myself from, reminding me what needs doing, appointments, free time, business time etc which means when ever I'm out of the house i have a mini copy of my PC with me at all times. Its also an ipod (which i didn't realise) and i was going to buy one of them anyways.

Well this morning it did save my bacon, it beeped as i was driving home to remind me i had a doctors appointment in 15mins... so i diverted and didn't miss it ! Woo hoo.

Now the sun is shining today, so I'm just about to go outside and take some pictures, i might even post them up tonight !

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