Wednesday, 23 July 2008


After reading this fantastic article on mailing lists by The Funky Felter, I thought it was about time I went about setting up a newsletter.

So this morning after I realised I didn't have the right tool for a bracelet I'm working on I spent the rest of the time registering, playing with templates, creating buttons, updating the website and jotting down a few ideas for the first newsletter.

So here's the low down, everyone who signs up will receive no more than two newsletters a month (don't you just hate it when you get too many mailings ?) with details of new products, any new events and venues, subscriber only discounts and a bit of chitter chatter for yours truly.

And to make it even more fun, ill run a prize draw were every month where you'll have the chance of wining the monthly prize. It might be a pair of earrings, or a gift voucher, or something else, you'll have to subscribe to see !

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