Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Umm.... not sure

Im really not sure about this now ive oxidised it. Dont get me wrong, i still like it, but im just not sure.... opinons please !

The "big one" has been very interested in my soldering and started doing lots of doodles and squiggles and saying, "can you make that mummy?, you could do this, you could do that". She is extremelly artistic and although shes not too keen on making jewellery shes seems to dig this. I think shes looking at it beyond the jewellery side of things, and sees it as a way of realising her creations into another form.... (ie my sterling wire !)

This rather gorgeous butterfly that she doodled was brought to life last night, of course she helped me, but i did the hot stuff ! Its tumbling at the moment along with the other shapes that I made last night and this morning, im interested now to see what she wants to do with it.


Claudia said...

I like that necklace. It is not too elegant, and is very wearabl. With dark clothes it sure look great!

Laura said...

I like both of them but I think I prefer it in its un-oxidised state. But then you know how much I love shiny things . . . .

Bless the butterfly! I bet you'll both have fun decorating it. :o)

Laura x

Jo said...

I think I prefer the oxidised version. The shiny was lovely, but the oxidisation really brings the colour of the stones out.
The butterfly looks great!

Kebo Jewellery said...
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Kebo Jewellery said...

Fantastic necklace, I love it and the butterfly is great too.

I also prefer the necklace un-oxidised but I too am quite a shiny silver person.

Great work!!


Nicky said...

Thanks for your opinions, im still sitting on the fence with this one. Maybe the only option is to make another one and leave it shiny. Not sure my poor fingers could deal with it just yet though.

bestfriend said...


Bestfriend just got your page from the "Next Blog" button.
Just new in here!

Ahhh, I believe your designs are great, well, I'm a man, and don't really need to appreciate such girly stuffs, but the artistry in me can't help but noticed your works.
(Just an ifo about me,I studied Industrial Arts in college, it's just that I was not able to grad, hehehe)
But up to now, it still runs in my veins.

BTW, while I was browsing on your page, my Nanay ( mother) noticed those accessories ,with a hush voice she said "Wow!I like them,,,for myself".
So I said...."Nanay!!!"

Gemheaven said...

I Love it Nicky - why not hand-polish it some more and get a good mixture of shiny and dark. I personally think it brings out the colour of the stones:)

And I know all about being lost to the solder!!! That butterfly is fab!