Wednesday, 12 March 2008


I’ve just spent the last two days redoing all my photos. Do you remember I wanted to try and find a new setting for my photos as photo shopping every single photo to a white background was just too time consuming.
Well last week while I was buying my blow torch at Maplins I stumbled upon this light tent just as I was leaving, so with that and a slab of sandstone from B&Q I’ve found a background that I’m quite happy with.

It’s all set up in my shed as it gets a good amount of light all through the day. So now I can just pop out there, take a few shots and the only photo shopping that is needed are a little cropping and resizing.
Only now my new photos look quite cool I have to redo all my older ones.... it’s a bit of a pain but it’s not taking me half as long as it would of done the other way. Now if I can just train myself to take the photos daily I shouldn’t have any problems.

Now I promised photos of briolette wrapping but I’ve been waiting till I oxidized them to show you, and here they are. I’m really pleased with how they came out, Jo at GemHeaven suggested I hand polish my Ride The Waves necklace a bit more, which I did, but it also meant I spent more time polishing up the earrings to get this really nice effect.

Now something I decided to do tonight was create an "Im a Fan" page for the website on Facebook, now I’m not expecting to get as many fans as The Chris Moyles Show (but here’s wishing) but if you have an account and would like to show your support then you can join here


Jo said...

Fantastic photos Nicky! I'm glad the light tent is working so well. I really love the earrings, the first pair in particular.
Jo x

Kebo Jewellery said...

Beautiful pieces and your new background looks fab!


Laura said...

The photos look fab! And the jewellery is pretty dang nice too! Love that first pair of earrings. :o)

Laura x

Anonymous said...

Lovely new photos! Great earrings too, especially the first 2. :o)