Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Missing in Action

That’s what I’ve been over the last week or so, missing in action. Why? You might ask, well to be honest I haven’t really got a good reason.
I received my soldering paste a week ago, and pretty much got lost in the excitement of it all. If it stayed still long enough I soldered it lol. I can’t quite believe the designing opportunities it’s opened up. As soon as I knew I was going to order it I already doodled some designs and had them made out ready for when it arrived, this is was I made. Spot my circle obsession.

Blimey they are awful photos, but you get the idea. I knew I wanted to decorate them with wire and gemstones, but wanted to keep it nice and understated....here are the results.

The circles on doesn’t have a chain yet, I ran out of chains and I really want to oxidize this one as I think it will made the little gems stand out a bit more.
While I was taking a breather from beading last Tuesday I sat on my garden patio wall and notice the beautiful daffodils in next doors window, straight away I was thinking how I would translate that into a pendant...........

What do you think? It’s for my mum for Mothers Day, she hasn’t seen it yet (she doesn’t know about this blog so I’m safe to show you) she will get it this evening as she was away for MD... I really hope she likes it.


Laura said...

Wow, wow and wow again! I LOVE the circles one and I'm sure that your Mum will be thrilled with her lovely daffodil pendant.

Can't wait to see more, Nicky! :o)

Laura x

Jo said...

Beautiful! The daffodil is definitely my favourite.

Nicky said...

Thanks Laura & Jo, Mum loved her pendant... yay !