Tuesday, 19 February 2008

I hate Admin !

You see, all I want to do is by pretty beads and turn them into gorgeous jewellery for some lovely lady. Why is it then that I have all this other stuff that needs doing, I don’t remember signing up for that when I decided to become a jewellery designer, maybe it was in the small print.

.....at least 50% of your time will be spent doing really boring paperwork, filling, invoicing, paying bills, doing tax returns, taking pictures, editing pictures, uploading jewellery to the website, maintaining the website and any other boring thing that we can think of in the meantime........

Where is the admin fairy that comes along and takes it all away? Needless to say this rant is because I have just spent the last 4 hours doing my paperwork, pricing up the jewellery, my accounts etc, all that had to be done before I could updating the website with new lovelies....I'm now numb and wanted to make jewellery.... but had no time left.

So what good stuff came out of today?, well I did find a few piccys that I haven’t should you before, you’ll find them below, because I got all my admin done it now means ill have no distractions tomorrow and the postman was really kind and delivered me some stunning lampwork lentils from Helen Prole of Beady Bugs they are just too cute!

What’s your least favourite part of running your business?


Laura said...

Lovely jewellery, Nicky!

Yes, admin is indeed mighty boring. Some people just don't appreciate what goes into running a business. I wish it was as simple as just sitting there making beads! :o)

Least favourite part of my business? Hmmm. I pretty much love all of it but I have to say it really gets my back up when people email me for help and info and I spend large chunks of my time composing email replies only to hear nothing, not even a 'thank you' back from them. Yeah, that's pretty damn annoying .....

Laura x

Nicky said...

Blimey, thats more than annoying, thats just down right rude!.

Laura said...

Yeah, it is a bit rude. Happens a LOT, though!

L x