Monday, 18 February 2008

I make someones day

Ive not made any jewellery recently hence the last of blogging, but seeing as Laura gave me a "You Make My Day" award ive been feeling very guilty about not passing it on to 5 other bloggers as yet, because of that ive a few of my favourite have already been done, but i figure that rather than just picking someone at random (thats not the point) that they would like to know that they "Make my day" too, so here goes.

1. Jo @ Daisychain Designs
2. Florspace @ My Handmade Life
3. Jo @ Gemheaven
4. Kerry @ Kabs Creative Concepts
5. Hannah @ Kutuu

To pass the award on, here are the details :

1. Write a post with links to 5 blogs that make me think and/or make my day.
2. Acknowledge the post of the award giver.
3. Display the “You Make My Day Award” logo.
4. Tell the award winners that they have won by commenting on their blogs with the news.

So im off now to let them know !

Will hopefully be back some time tommorrow with some new jewellery.


florspace said...

That is so sweet of you for the award! I love what you make too, all the lovely baubles against the silver made me smile. And I'm a sucker for the brown box packaging too. I love the Man Bracelet best. Wow.

Gemheaven said...

Thank you Nicky :) Mwah!

Laura said...

Glad you liked the award, Nicky! I always enjoy looking at your blog and your lovely jewellery. :o)

Laura x