Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Reaping rewards

It would appear that even though I really didnt enjoy yesterdays admin hell that it helped clear my mind (and my intray) enough for me to be extremely productive this morning.

Im still trying to be resourcefull and use up the lampwork that I have in my box and i think ive done really well doing so with all these pendants. Okay so they arent the hardest thing in the world to make, or take much designing but they are great little sellers and nows a good time to start building up stock.

And before I shoot off ( i know not much to say but lots to see) here are my new boxes, im so in love with these, not only are they branded which makes me feel really swish, they pack flat so they are going to save me tons of storage space.


Laura said...

Ooo - what lovely pendants, Nicky.

Your boxes are very swish!

Laura x

Nicky said...

Thanks hun x