Friday, 8 February 2008

How do you do it ?

Come on tell me, how do you all blog daily ? I’m already starting to think that I might not be able to keep up with myself, sure I could waffle on about my day, but to me that’s just borrrrring! So don’t shoot me if this turns out to be an every other day blog lol.

Today was absolutely gorgeous day, the sun shone all day, and even though there was still a chill in the air the warm sun on your face does wonders for your mood don’t you think? I’m one of those people who suffer greatly with my state of mood and the winter months just bring me down, today was a real pick me up.

Although no jewellery was made today I did manage to update the site with a few new pieces. I say new, I actually made them about 2 weeks ago, but being the disorganised gal that I am they only went up today.

The pictures below are of my even newer (last week) pieces. I’m really trying to use the beads that I already have rather than buy more. Not that I don’t NEED more beads, a gal can never have enough beads, it’s just more of a possible challenge to see how low I can get before I REALLY need to buy more.

Ummm I like making bracelets dont I? Bracelets are great though, I always got one on but very rarely do I wear a necklace, and when I do its a favourite bead on a chain or lariet. What do you prefer to wear?

Right well Guitar Hero is calling me........catch you soon.

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Gemheaven said...

Fabulous as always Nicky - rofl @ guitar heroes my dh is usually playing it behind me as I work!! Me I get booed off stage every attempt!!