Thursday, 7 February 2008

What a week !

Well my resolution of blogging at LEAST once a week isnt going too well. Whats the point of having one if im not going to use it, its not that I dont want to blog, its just sometimes I wonder if i have anything writing about. Time for a change, i will FIND things to write about.

This week has been a bit of a weird one, the "little one" went to the childminder on Monday this week instead of the usual Tuesday, so ive spent the whole week thinking it was a day later than it actually is.

On Monday, after dropping the "bigger one" off at school i went to feed our Rabbits and next doors Guinea pigs as we are looking after them while they were on holiday, only to find that one of them had died. It was so upsetting, it had obviously just passed away in its sleep as it was fine when i fed it and put it to bed the night before, but his little friend was just sitting by him and you could tell he was sad. I ended up spending all my jewellery time sorting it out and texting the neighbours and letting them know the bad news.

The only good thing to happen was i received my delivery of Hill Tribe Silver from Thiland, it came a lot quicker than I was expecting but all i managed to do was unpack it and admire it for a short while

Above it a bunch of spacers that my friend Jo asked me to make for her. Ages ago i decided that i was going to do lampworking, I spent a small fortune on all the kit and dont really get to use it. I know it will get used later in the year when the Little One starts playschool but for now its just sitting there. I was actually glad when Jo asked me to make them for her as it ment I would get some practice in, and after 72 beads I think thats enough practice for this week !.
Ive been commissioned to make a necklace for a mums birthday, its in Febuary so REAL amethyst was requested as the stone, while surfing the 'bay I came across these and just had to have them.

They are Brazillian amethyst and its the middle one that i will be using, but the fact that it came with 4 others was just a bonus. There was so many gorgeous gems that i ended up treating myself ..... err, i mean the business, to these stunning little beauties.

Arent they just stunning, i can see some beautiful earrings coming this way.

I do have some jewellery from last week to show you, i just need to get to the camara and get them up, hopefully that will be tomorrow.


Laura said...

Poor poor guinea pig - aw. :o(

Fab beads! Well done you. 72? That's good going!

What beautiful gemstones - that amethyst is just awesome, but then you know how much I luurve purple!

Laura x

Jo said...

The amethyst looks even more beautiful in real life!
Thanks for the lampwork hun, it'll be perfect for my workshop on Saturday!
Jo x