Thursday, 9 April 2009

Slightly Smaller Lazy Bum

Its a classic case of the Funks that's kept me away for so long again. I think hurting my back was the start of it, as I just couldn't sit for long periods of time. I got to enjoy laying on the sofa and the lazy arse part of me indulged it for a little too long.

Then its the age old phenomenon of the more time you have the less you do. I got in a mood with myself for not doing anything but wouldn't do anything about it. I only have myself to blame. That and getting into the swing of thing with my new job - the one I told you about ages ago, I got it and (so far) I love it.

All is not lost though, as I do have a few pieces that I managed to get made which just need a little bit more love and for me to get my lazy butt in gear and take some pics and they will be up on the site.

Oh on a lighter note (get it, no ? you will in a second), about 10 weeks ago I started attending my local slimming class. As my little ones are nearly 10 and 4 I could no longer blame my excess weight on baby belly. My 30th birthday is looming this year and decided that I do not want to be "Fat and Thirty" it was time to do something about it. This week I weighed in 1st 6.5lbs lighter than when I started and im now half way to my goal weight. I'm so chuffed and this afternoon after going out any buying a few cheapy transition clothes I started emptying my wardrobe of everything that is too big for me. I now have a bin liner full of stuff the for the charity shop, and very little in my closet.

Big Grin !

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Mel P said...

CONGRATULATIONS omg you have lost sooo much weight, has it been hard? I am starting a sponsored slim for my son's pre-school after Easter so any pointers are most welcome. Gald to see you back again. Have an ace Easter xxx