Thursday, 23 April 2009

New Lovelies at Last

Sssshhh, listen. Can you hear that ? Silence. And its beautiful. The children went back to school this week and now there is no more bickering and moaning and things are slowly returning to normal.

Monday was my little fellas 4th birthday so it was a day full of presents, playing, party food and Ben 10 birthday cake. Tuesday was back to work but in the evening I managed to get the light tent out and take some new photos of my Wedding Collection and the pieces I made the other week.

So here we have Linen Pendant a tag style pendant with a rolled linen pattern. It has then been oxidized to bring out the texture.

Linen Disk Earrings again with the linen texture, two dinky disks sit together and swing from handcrafted ear wires.

And finally, an addition to the Armour Collection, a hammered pair of Hoopla earrings. I love the hammered texture as it just bounces the light in every direction.

All three of these new additions will be added to the website in the next day or so. One thing at a time eh ?!


Jenn said...

Nice to see you back and hope you're feelin better. I love the hammered hoops! they're gorgeous!

Mel P said...

Welcome back, I love the hammered earrings, they are lush! The school hols are lovely, but the start of term is even better:)Enjoy the peace xx

Kebo Jewellery said...

I love these new pieces.

I have tagged you, see my blog!!
Have a lovely weekend.
Kelly x