Wednesday, 8 October 2008

When Time Goes By

I'm a bit confused as to how its been a month since my last post, I know a week can fly by but whole month, whats that all about ?.

Well I have been extremely busy I'm glad to report, getting ready for the various shows and events I have lined up over the next couple of months. Which means I've been doing a lot of making but not much talking or taking photos. After realising that the "C" word is just round the corner and I've done my usual trick of not being ahead of myself, I'm piling all my energy into producing some lovely jewellery. Some of which you will be able to get a peek at soon I promise.

Add in to that, that my mum was taken into hospital the other week and we still don't know whats wrong with her, I think you'll forgive me for my mind being elsewhere.

Some of you will also of noticed that I didn't get to send my newsletter out last month, I'm going to work on that this week and get it out real soon.

Take care for now


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