Saturday, 18 October 2008

Sophie's Appeal Fashion Show

In my true blogging style I have left some very important news to the last minute, I was saving it for my newsletter but as that was put back a few weeks I thought it best to give you the heads up.

Tomorrow I will be attending the Sophie's Appeal Fashion Show.

The appeal was set up by Lin & Mike Barringer after their daughter, Sophie, was diagnosed with Wilms Disease, a form of kidney cancer, which sadly claimed her life in September 2004. Now the trust raises funds to support the social, emotional and educational welfare of sick children and their families or carers whilst being treated either in hospital or the community.

As a mother of two and sufferer of kidney disease it struck a cord so I contacted the organiser and offered to create and donate a unique piece of jewellery incorporating their logo, which could be auctioned off during the evening. So when I was then asked if I would also like to attend and have a table, I gladly accepted.

Que headless chicken mode as I get ready for one of the biggest events for Sparkly Treasures this year, but luckily my partner in crime is also doing the show (so funny, we both went to tell each other at the same time) so we've been able to keep each other on track !.

As yet I haven't taken any pictures of the necklace (I'm soooo behind) but I will definitely get some done later today and post them up. I'm extremely pleased with how its turned out and I'm really hoping it raises lots of money for the charity.

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