Wednesday, 22 October 2008


So the tagging buzz is flying around all the blogs at the moment and I've been tagged 3 times now so I'm going to roll all my answers into one (mainly because I'm sure i cant find 21 random interesting things to tell you). So who tagged me ?

Ali P



My 7 Random Facts

1) I spent 4 years at college studying to be an accountant, and then didn't take my final exam so I never qualified.

2) I was born and lived in Germany for the first 8 years of my life.

3) I love fast cars and would really like to have a go at motor racing.

4) I only own 3 pairs of footwear - I DON'T LIKE SHOE SHOPPING !

5) I live in a house that is over 110 years old.

6) I want to grow veg in my garden next year

7) I used to really be in to drama and auditoned for a westend play.

I shalln't bother passing it on to other people as everyone I know has already been tagged !


Tina said...

Don't like shoe way Nicky is the only shopping I like.

I would love to grow my own veg.

Nicky Ryan said...

Im sorry Tina I cant help it !

Ali P said...

hi Nicky, I'm only just catching up with all the tagging that's been going on - pretty cool facts ;) Which West End play did you audition for?
Ali x

Nicky Ryan said...

Hi Ali, it was Les Miserables. Didnt get in but it was such fun trying.