Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Taking the long way round !

Some of you may of noticed that I gave my website a bit of a nip and tuck the other day. As I created it myself I'm always looking at ways of improving it. I have taught myself to do it and as a result I'm sure I take the long way round, but it does mean that with the limited knowledge I do have I retain complete control. Now whether that's a good thing or bad I'm not sure lol.

There are a few features that I would love to have, but as my current host server package doesn't include supercool stuff such as php and MySQL they will have to wait, pouty lip moment there.

Anyway back to what I was trying to tell you. The recent nip and tuck took just under a weekend to perform (a lot quicker than a nip and tuck on me would take) but then I decide to go and change my photos, yeah, I couldn't of thought about doing that BEFORE could I. So guess what ill be doing again over next weekend ?

So if my website looks a bit mismatched for the time being, you know why, I do wonder how my brain works sometimes !

1 comment:

Jo said...

It's looking good Nicky! I love the background on the new photos.