Thursday, 17 July 2008

A little family time

This is my little sister Lynnette, at her graduation ceremony today picking up her advanced diploma in Child Nursing. Obviously she passed months ago but today it was time to celebrate that.

When my sister was about 14 years old she told me that she wanted to be a neonatal nurse. I thought it was a lovely idea, but you know how your dreams can change as you get older, heck at 14 i wanted to join the army.

Lynnette got the drive and determination gene that I lack, things didn't come easy to her academically so she always needed to work that little bit harder to get good grades. I on the other hand was a " If she just applied herself we know she would do well" kind of student.

I'm so proud of Lynnette for all her hard work and her ability to fulfill her childhood dream. She is already working as a Neonatal Nurse at the local maternity hospital, looking after all those tiny little babies. Well done Netty, I love you. xx


Jo said...

She's definitely someone to be proud of.

altjoujou said...

She is beautiful! And obviously very smart!
I have a sister like that. She's 4 yrs younger than I am, already had one career and is going back to school to start a new one. While I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. :P

Congrats to your sister; lucky babies!

Nicky said...

thankyou, she does look gorgeous. Maybe are role as big sisters is to give them direction in life LOL

Laura said...

Big congratulations to Lynnette! :o)

And she DOES look like you, Nicky!