Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Just a quick one....

.... before i shoot out to door to pick the little one up.

Here's a piece that's been sitting on my desk for ages, do any of you have stuff like that. You make it and then the poor thing gets left behind while your swept up in the chaos of everyday life and then move on to the next thing?. Its only cos Laura picked it up the other day and oohhed at it that i was reminded that it needed its picture taken.
Oh and by the way, has anyone seen my mobile charger ? My phone wont stop beeping as it has a low battery and can i find the cable anywhere ? ... umm NO.


Laura said...

I love this! So pretty.

Can't say I've seen your charger. Think carefully. Re-trace your steps. Where were you when you last had it? (Do I sound like your Mum?!)

Nicky said...

I FOUND IT.... or rather should i say Dean found it. It was on his desk, where i had looked like a million times but it was underneath something else. Go figure, everything seems to be hidden by something atm, maybe its time to declutter !!!

altjoujou said...

That star is drool-worthy!!
And yeah, I know how it is to have little projects fall by the wayside. Kinda fun when you pick 'em up again, though; it's like a "freebie" you only have to do half the work on. LOL!

Nicky said...

oh I never thought about it like that before. Maybe I should lose things more often !