Wednesday, 26 March 2008

All things New

I’ve been a naughty blogger I know, 10 days since my last post, and where did the time go?
Honest, if you see it lying around id like it back.

Well over Easter weekend I went on the much anticipated 3 day Silver course at Flux n Flame. Oh I had so much fun, it was hard work and I was shattered at the end of everyday but I learnt some fantastic new stuff. My heads just brimming with ideas now, unfortunately they are all jumbled up with everything else in my head and it’s really hard trying to make sense of it all.
So until I work out what’s what, here are some piccys of what I made.

Day One : The first day I was there I got into a terrible funk. I hadn’t really gone with any ideas. I thought, ill just see what we do and go with it, but the way the course is set is more of a “What do you want to make and we will help you make it” kind of thing which is a really good way of teaching, just not one I had anticipated. Everybody else seemed to know exactly what they wanted to make. I just got in a mood lol. So to get myself out of it I decided to make some double hearts, I know I can make them so I felt good about actually working with some wire. Then i made some bangles, I had planned on having them weave through the hearts but it didn’t really work :(

Day Two: I knew what I wanted to make, Hurrah! A ring for hubby. A big chucky MAN ring. It took me all day but I was so happy with it – but he wore it to work today (hump how dare he WEAR his ring) so I couldn’t get a picture of it ... ill pop one on tomorrow. In between waiting for the silver ring to oxidize or to use a piece of equipment I rolled, cut, domed and stamped some disks. I think they are cute, nothing special but it meant I got to try out lots of different techniques.

Day Three: Ring for me. My ring which funnily enough is like nothing I normally wear, has been textured by passing it through a rolling mill with handmade paper, had little hearts etched, formed and then I set the stone.. again, I like it but I’m not in love with it.

I think it’s very hard to know exactly what you want to achieve when you not sure how to. Now I know.... mmm no stopping me. In fact, I was a very naughty girl today and I ordered myself a rolling mill, hang on though, it was a bargain anyways AND eBay are giving you £25 off when you spend £75 on item, couldn’t really say no........


Laura said...

I think you've made some gorgeous things on your course, Nicky! Glad you enjoyed it!

Laura x

Tina said...

What fantastic rings Nicky. Love the bangles too. Well done you, sounds like a great course.