Wednesday, 21 January 2009

So, how did it go ?

I had planned on blogging about this as soon as I got back from it on Sunday night, but as you'll see things became a little bit eventful.

Sunday went extremely well, I arrived in good time and set up my stand. As I mentioned it was my intention to have dry run through the stand as I was doing it a different way to what I normally do but unfortunately I didn't get round to doing it so ended up playing around with it once I got there. With 2 hours to set up I wasn't too worried about it and managed to pull off what I think was quite a nice display.

With people already queuing up, doors opened at 11am and it was every stall holder for themselves lol. I'd promised myself that I would make a real effort to drag myself out of my shy shell and chat to people as at these type of events are not about making sales on the day, but getting people to remember you.

Straight away I received compliments on my display and jewellery, which was extremely encouraging, this made it very easy to slip into conversation and explain to people what I do, and what surprised me was the amount of people who didnt realise that it was completely handcrafted.

I became more confident throughout the day, and had lots of really good conversations with brides to be. They had lots of fun trying on different pieces and discussing ideas and all things wedding based.

The organisers said it was the best show yet, with around 750 people coming through the door, obviously they were not all brides but it now explains how I ran out of my lovely flyer's and had to start handing out my business cards instead - note for next time - get more flyer's !.

4pm came round extremely quickly and I was soon packed up and heading home by half past (how come it takes 2 hours to set up but only 30mins to get it all away?). I was looking forward to getting home and having some dinner, putting my feet up and blogging. How wrong could I of been.

I came home to a screaming 3 year old, turned out he had fallen and banged his wrist. He was in such a lot of pain and would hardly let you touch it. Quick call to my sister (remember shes a nurse) who popped round, took a look and said that we should take him down to casualty.

So off we trotted, much to the disappointment of the little one who was insisting that we stay at home, got booked in and then proceeded "the wait". You know the one, where your in a room full of injury inflicted people, you scout around trying to work out who looks worse off. The wait just to see the triage nurse was over half an hour. When we got to see her she wasn't convinced that it wasn't broken and that he would probably need an xray.

Now normally at this point you get given a card and told to go down to the xray department, have an xray, then come back to the waiting room until the doctor gets round to see you, BUT as the little one is under 5 he needs to be assessed by a doctor first. That means waiting, and watching all the bigger ones, who have already had their xrays go in before you.

After 3 hours we were eventually called in and to cut what is even longer story short, were sent for an xray (he was so good, as we told him all about how it was a special camera that took pictures of your bones) and he hadn't broken his wrist, thank goodness.

Got home about 10 after stopping off at the golden arches as none of us had any dinner (yeah that's another thing, vending machines in A&E, why are they full of rubbish, the healthiest thing i could get was a packed of Mini Cheddars!!!) and after getting him to bed i got to put my feet up at last.

Phew, and if that wasn't enough, I had work the next day and then it was up to Oxford in the evening to see Laura. I havent stopped!

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Ali P said...

I'm surprised you weren't dead on your feet by the end of that day! A&E can be such a nightmare, but it's a relief to hear at least your little boy is OK :)
As for the wedding fair, it sounds like it was worth all the effort - the pics of your stand look lovely. Lets hope you get lots of new orders as a result;)