Monday, 16 June 2008

Out of the blue with BLUE

After seeing Jo's post about a colour challenge on Fede's blog I decided that its probably what i needed to give me a push into getting out of my hole for good.

Being given something decisive to work on is always a good idea for me as i have the self motivation of a sloth, well i don't actually know how motivated they can be but you get my drift.

So as of last week Ive been working on a few things in the colour BLUE, a bit apt don't you think !

Although the sky's are far from being blue today so unfortunately piccys will have to wait until the sun decides to come out from behind the grey clouds, which it better hurry up and do as this weeks colour is YELLOW ! Hehehe


Ali P said...

Hey Nicky,
Glad to hear you are feeling a bit more upbeat - I know how that general crap can get you down. Looking forward to seeing some of your new blue (and yellow!) creations.
Keep smiling :) Ali

Jo said...

There's a surprise on my blog for you Nicky!
Jo x