Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Doing Well

I'm doing really well this week already, spent ages in the workshop sawing, cutting, rolling, soldering, you get the drift. Although i haven't actually been able to finish anything as i have been waiting for a few supplies rather than doing me usual trick of not starting anything until i have it all.

Last week i finished these two lovelies, I'm really pleased with them, and i like that the beads add a bit of colour, that's the only thing about working in just silver, I'm missing colour :(

Ive also been working on my "secret project" since hubby and I had a good old chat the other day, it will be a few weeks yet but i cant wait to tell you when its all done.

Also today i received my copies of Step by Step Wire Jewelry its great to see my Round in Circles project in print. I believe its in the shops from the 14th but if you subscribe you will get it earlier. That reminds me I'd better start writing the next one ......

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Tina said...

Hello Nicky,

I really, really like these pendants, the heart one is beautiful.